New/Edit Envelope Page

  • Name – A description for the account.
  • Group – The Envelope Group that this Envelope belongs to. Used mainly for grouping similar envelopes on the main page.
  • Amount – The money that should be allocated to this Envelope from the To Budget amount in the current month.
  • Overspending
    • Don’t Ignore – Any overspending will show up in the Over amount of the Envelopes Page for the current month and the budget will reflect this overspending.
    • Ignore – Will ignore and carry over overspending for the month that’s being edited. If overspending occurs in this Envelope in this moth, the negative balance will be reflected on the Envelope next month. The To Budget amount will not reflect this overspending in the current month but will in the next month.
    • Always Ignore – Will ignore and carry over overspending for all months. Any overspending will be reflected in the envelope but will not be reflected in the To Budget amount.
  • Notes – Any information you would like to include about this envelope.
  • Quick Budget – A preset list of options that attempts to help make budgeting easier. We will provide several intuitive options depending on the current balance of the envelope. You may choose from Last Month Activity, Last Month Budgeted, Average Past 3 Month Activity, Average Past 3 Month Budgeted, Average Last Year Activity, Average Last Year Budgeted, and Balance (which will help you get your balance to zero).
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