Envelope Groups

Envelope groups are a great way to organize your envelopes in a way that make sense for your daily life. We believe that customizing your budget so that it fits to your unique situation is important in helping you stick to your budget.


Some examples of envelope groups are emergency, everyday expenses, planned expenses, monthly expenses, and savings goals.

How do I create a new Envelope Group?

  • To create an envelope group, enter one or more of the envelopes that you’d like to be in that group from the envelope page.

  • Select one of your envelopes and click the edit icon in the upper right hand corner.

  • Select the “Group” text box.

  • Here you can use the “+” button in the upper right hand corner to create an envelope group.

  • After adding the envelope group, use the save icon in the upper right hand corner to go back to that envelope page.

  • You may then edit each envelope you’d like to add to that group and select the desired group.