Budgeting as Easy as ABC

Getting Starting

Add the money you have now

Add all of the cash, bank, and credit card account balances in the app to see how much money you have right now

Budget it into envelopes

Using the money you have right now, budget it into the envelopes based on your priority

Cover the unexpected

Life throws curve balls, Budget Badger makes them easier to handle by allowing you to adjust your budget on the fly

Cloud Sync

With Budget Badger Pro, sync all of your accounts, envelopes, and payees between all of your devices using DropBox


I love Budget Badger Pro! It's simple to use. It's not so highly structured --it's MY budget, customized for my life.
The app works great for simple budgeting. This is exactly what we have been looking for in a budget app for the last 5 or so years.
This app has already helped me see my spending mistakes.

Our mission

To make budgeting as easy and simple to use for everyone, no matter the situation.

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