Quick Start

Setup Cloud Sync

If you already have Budget Badger setup on other devices and are using Budget Badger Pro, you can setup Cloud Sync so that your budget will be synchronized between all of your devices in real time automatically.

Add your accounts

Before you start budgeting, you need to know how much money you have right now so you can prioritize and not over-budget. Start by Adding an Account that has a positive balance such as a checking, cash, or savings account. This will give us money in the To Budget field for putting into envelopes later on. Don’t forget to add any account that you’ll be wanting to spend budgeted money from. You are also able to add accounts with a negative balance such as credit cards and loans into Budget Badger and work to pay off that debt using the Debt Envelopes.

Create your envelopes

Now that you have all of your accounts setup that you’re wanting to spend money from, you can Add an Envelope that will be what you want to spend your money on. Some examples are Rent/Mortgage, Groceries, Entertainment, Christmas Presents, etc. These should all be what matters the most to you and what you will be needing to spend money on, big or small. Add all of them that you think you’ll need to get started, you can always come back and add more at a later date.

Budget money into your envelopes

This is where Budget Badger will truly help you with managing your personal budget. You have all the accounts you want to spend money from setup and all the envelopes that money needs to fund created. Now you need to split the money that you have available To Budget into the envelopes based on what you have right now and what you need to cover until you get paid next.

Record all of your spending

This part is the hardest to stick to but the most important. Every time you spend money out of one of the accounts you setup earlier, record a new transaction by Adding a Transaction in Budget Badger against the Envelope that it fits into.