Entering Income

How do I enter Income?

  • To add income, start on the “Add Transaction” page. You can get here by pressing the large blue button at the bottom of the envelopes, accounts, or payees page labeled “Add Transaction”.

  • Type in the income amount under the “Inflow” text box.

  • Select the “Account” text box and choose the account that the income went into.

  • Select the “Payee” text box and choose the payee who provided the income to you.

  • Select the “Envelope” text box and at the top of the page, you will see “Income”. This puts the money in the “To Budget” section of your budget. If you wanted all of the income to go into a specific envelope, you could also select that specific envelope for this section.

  • You can change the date or the status if needed.

  • Select the Save icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

  • You will see that your “To Budget” amount now reflects your income. If you would like to apply this Income to another month, you must navigate to the chosen month by using the “<“ and “>” buttons next to the month at the top of the page.

What do I do with an extra paycheck?

An extra paycheck that you would not normally receive can be added to your budget for the next month. To do this, choose which month you’d like the paycheck to be added to by using the “<“ and “>” at the top of the page. Enter the transaction as in the directions above.

Is there a fast way to do calculations?

Budget Badger allows you to complete calculations within the outflow or inflow text box. When you are typing in one of these text boxes, at the top of the keyboard you will see the functions to add, subtract, multiple, and divide. Type in the function you would like to complete, and select “Done”. The text box will reflect the total.

Can I see Income on the budget?

  • To view your income for each month, click the drop down arrow to the left of your To Budget line at the top of the page. This breaks down all the pieces that go into your budget.
    • Past displays the balance from the previous month.
    • Income displays the income in the current month.
    • Budgeted displays how much of your income has already been budgeted. If you have a surplus in the “Past” budgets, then you could budget more than you received in income.
    • Over displays the amount of money that is to be budgeted. This number could be a positive if you still have money to spend, or a negative if you spent over in your budget.