Entering Spending

How do I enter Spending?

  • To enter spending, you need to add a transaction. Do this by selecting the blue “Add Transaction” button at the bottom of the Envelope, Accounts, or Payees page.

  • Use the Outflow text box to enter the amount of money spent.

  • Select the “Account” text box and choose the account that was used to make the transaction (credit card, cash, etc.)

  • Select the “Payee” text box and choose the payee (Walmart, Amazon, QuickTrip, etc.)

  • Select the “Envelope” text box and choose which envelope this purchase would be categorized under. For example, if you made a purchase to Walmart or Gerbes for groceries, this would go under your Groceries envelope.

  • You can change the date if you are entering this transaction later, the date will automatically be set for today.

  • You may change the status to cleared if you are adding the transaction when you are reconciling your account. Most of the time this will be entered as pending and marked as clear at a later point in time. Select the Save icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Is there a fast way to do calculations?

Budget Badger allows you to complete calculations within the outflow or inflow text box. When you are typing in one of these text boxes, at the top of the keyboard you will see the functions to add, subtract, multiple, and divide. Type in the function you would like to complete, and select “Done”. The text box will reflect the total.