Split Transactions

How do I enter a transaction that affects multiple accounts or envelopes?

  • To add a transaction, start on the “Add Transaction” page. You can get here by pressing the large blue button at the bottom of the envelopes, accounts, or payees page labeled “Add Transaction”.

    • Enter in the “Outflow” text box the total amount of money spent.

    • Select the “Payee” text box and choose the payee for the transaction, or add a new payee by selecting the + button in the upper right hand corner.

    • Select the blue “Split Transaction” button at the bottom.

    • The split transaction page automatically displays two transactions. If you need to add another to split it even further, there is a “Add Transaction” button at the bottom that allows you to add another split. Note that your total at the top matches what you input on the previous screen and that it displays how much is remaining.

    • Select one of the splits and it will allow you to enter the outflow, account, envelope, or change the payee if you’d like. You can also change the date or mark it as cleared. When are done, select the save icon in the top right hand corner.

    • You will see that the remaining balance has now been adjusted to subtract the amount you have entered in the first split.

    • Select the other split and enter in the rest of the information.

    • Once your remaining balance is $0, you can select the save icon in the upper right hand corner.